Pictured: Caitlin Alexandra Robinson, Thunder, 2015, a part of SXRVXVE: An Art Space. Image courtesy Kirby Sokolow.

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sxrvxve 5SXRVXVE is an interdisciplinary curatorial platform dedicated to presenting artworks and projects engaging with social, political, and cultural systems of power. By showcasing the work of artists responding to social inequality, the failures of the criminal justice system, and other systems that work to silence marginalized voices, SXRVXVE pushes the boundary of how we understand justice, revealing how art, media, and performance can defy structural oppression and offer vehicles for expression, support, and closure.

Through our most recent exhibition and its events, SXRVXVE raises money for The Crime Victims Treatment Center.  A 501c3 nonprofit organization, CVTC is committed to helping people across NYC heal from violent crime, changing cultural norms around violence, and promoting social justice through progressive legislation and community mobilization.

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